About Laine Lawson Craft

About laine Lawson Craft

Author, Entrepreneur,
Speaker & Television Host.

Laine Lawson Craft's passion is to inspire and empower women to live transparently and joyfully, pursuing their dreams.

A Rewarding Career 

As a trailblazer from Missisippi, Laine's compassionate heart for women facing desperate situations grew out of the mountains God moved in her own life. Her passion in life is to bring healing to the broken hearted through testimonies of women that discovered the power to live a life they love. Laine took a leap of faith to follow God's continued call on her life. She has found inspiring stories from over two decades of writing, speaking, and engaging with broken hearted women and transformed those stories into a new book, Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow with New Hope Publishing. 

"God has given me a passion and message," Laine says, "to show women how there is nothing impossible for God. Your health, your relationships, your finances—whatever seems impossible in your life, God can meet you in the middle of it and bring hope, healing and peace. God has given me a message that He's still in the business of restoration. God is still healing the broken hearts and He is making a way where there seems no way. God wants us to discover the power to live a life we love, giving us victory and hope to enjoy tomorrow.

In every professional pursuit, as well as in her personal life, Laine Lawson Craft is committed to taking her message of hope, restoration and fulfillment to women all over the globe. "Everything we've been able to accomplish this far has been an affirmation of the desire God has given me," Laine says, "to see women grow in intimacy with God and discover the freedom that comes through transparency, trust and friendship."

When Laine isn't on the road speaking, she's at home in Sunny Destin, Florida with her fun husband of over 33 years. She also enjoys her three adult children, Steven, Lawson and Kaylee. She loves people with a big heart and loves entertaining her friends at the beach.

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