About Laine Lawson Craft

About laine Lawson Craft

Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur,
Speaker & Television Host.

Laine Lawson Craft's passion explodes when she can inspire and empower individuals to live transparently and joyfully, pursuing their dreams.

Live a Life You Love

Do you long to be whole, healed and full of life? What would it look like if your situation was turned upside down and inside out with God’s undeniable power? 

My passion is to share God’s transforming power to help women navigate life’s challenges with confidence. I want you to hold the power to live the life you love so you enjoy today and own tomorrow. 

Hi there, I’m Laine Lawson Craft, and I was an expert at being hurt and wounded by life. I know firsthand from my own trials, tests, and tragedies how to find healing. I spent years gathering stories from real women that have gone from hurt to healed.

I wrote the best selling book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow: Discover the Power to Live the Life You Love, and the Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal because we all know that we don’t get through this life without being hurt. However, far too many of us are not enjoying life because of broken hearts and shattered dreams.

My passion is to show you how you can walk out of a place of tremendous hurt and into a place of miraculous healing. Together we will learn how they walked out of hurt into healing and how you can too.

You will be encouraged that hope is available, healing is possible, and the power you need is waiting to help. Join me on this journey of healing. Together we can discover the tools and applications to experience the power to live the life you love as you learn to enjoy today and own tomorrow.

God has given me a passion and message to show women how there is nothing impossible for God. Your health, your relationships, your finances—whatever seems impossible in your life, God can meet you in the middle of it and bring hope, healing and peace. God has given me a message that He's still in the business of restoration. God is still healing the broken hearts and He is making a way where there seems no way. God wants us to discover the power to live a life we love, giving us victory and hope to enjoy tomorrow.

I am committed to taking my message of hope, restoration and fulfillment to individuals all over the globe. My mission is to watch and guide women to grow in intimacy with God and discover the freedom that comes through transparency, trust and friendship. I have a big heart of love for people! 

When I'm not on the road speaking, I'm at home with my fun and sexy husband of over 33 years. I also love spending time with my young adults, Steven, Lawson, Kaylee and her husband Keegan. Last but not least, I have two furry grandchildren, Madden and Dixie.