Laine Lawson Craft, best-selling award-winning author and speaker, and host of the Warfare Parenting Podcast

I am Laine Lawson Craft. I am a mom, wife, and partner with God making impossible things become possible not only in my life but for thousands of others. I have a unique perspective because I have had a seventeen-year-old marriage resurrect, a financial breakthrough after almost filing bankruptcy, a daughter healed from life-threatening illnesses, and three prodigal children delivered that are now free, whole, and healed.

The top questions people would have for me are: “How did your marriage resurrect and restore after years of misery?” “How did you find a financial breakthrough?” “How was your daughter healed?” “How did all three of your prodigal children break free from porn, drugs, alcohol, depression, and more?”

My newest book, The Parent’s Battle Plan, offers guidance to parents of prodigals on how to win the war against the enemy! Together we will uncover the dark secrets and discover the tools already in your arsenal to win the battle!

In 2006, I realized that what I was doing as a parent was not working. It seemed that my emotional pleas, rules, and religion weren’t helping me bring my prodigal back home.

So I decided I made it my mission to partner with God at a whole new level and created a new way of parenting- one that would bring peace to my life, help millions of other parents, and bring their prodigals back home too.

Most people don’t know that I’m also interested in and love cooking and entertaining, walking the beach, pilates, singing, and learning more about God.

Speaking on Warfare Parenting:

Educate, Equip, and Empower Parents

You are not at war with your child

Laine will share how we are not at war with our wayward children, but we are in this war together against the enemy of the world. She will give parent’s the knowledge on how they already have all they need to win the battle over the dark world at war with their wayward child.

If you aren’t praying for your child, who is?

Laine will help parents learn how to pray for their children. She will equip them to become better prayer warriors so that they see the power and victory that prayer brings to their prodigal.

How to Partner Parent with God

Laine helps parents to know that we can safely hand over our control of our children to God. When we realize that our children are God’s creation and belong to Him, we can release them into God’s care. We practice relinquishing control over their lives and allowing God to take over. Helping parents give God full ownership of our prodigal and continuing as partner parents, putting our assured victory directly in God’s hands.

What people are saying …

“An important reminder that God sees our needs hears our heart’s cries, and
Actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling
“Laine’s new book can help parents who are hurting find light and hope in the sometimes difficult, yet always rewarding, journey of raising a child.”
Beloved actress and New York Times bestselling author
Parenting in this dark world can often bring fear, confusion, and desperation. We’ve seen and felt it in our own lives. Laine offers strategies in this must-read book that provides hope and healing to your family. One touch from God can change anything!
Reality-TV stars from Duck Dynasty

More Powerful Reviews

“Laine Lawson Craft brings hope and healing in this book. It’s a must-read! We can’t let our guard down.”
President, HomeWord
“Laine Lawson Craft encouraged me personally. Her sharing the stories of her children were so relatable and helped me feel not alone.”
Associate Pastor of Lakewood Church

Best-Selling Author Biography

Laine is dauntlessly committed to guiding parents of teens and young adults to win back their prodigal children.

She partners with prodigal parents so that they find a proven battle plan and strategies to guide them to know that they are not in a war with their child but in a war with the enemy trying to destroy them; they will learn how to have authority over the battles, and how to pray for victory for their prodigal.

With over fifteen years of working with amazing people with similar hurts and spiritual warfare and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, her mission and commitment are to give you insights and revelations into how the darkness of our world operates, build your hope, and give tried-and-true tools and applications that will bring your prodigal home.

Her path to writing this life-transforming battle plan became clear after she fought hell for her children, and her family was healed and won.

Laine is an award-winning, best-selling author, popular media host, and in-demand speaker.

She has been married to Steve, her husband, for over thirty-five years, and she loves spending time with her two sons, only daughter, daughter-in-love, and son-in-love.