Finding Hope in the Midst of Addiction: The Faith to Flourish Story

In a captivating podcast interview on Warfare Parenting, Dawn, the founder of The Faith to Flourish ministry, opens up about her personal journey through the trials of addiction within her family. Despite the pain and difficulties, Dawn’s story is one of hope and the unyielding presence of Jesus. This blog delves into the origins of The Faith to Flourish ministry and highlights the power of faith in overcoming addiction.

A Shocking Revelation

Fifteen years ago, Dawn’s world was turned upside down when her middle son bravely confided in his father about his addiction to black tar heroin. As a Christian family who had diligently raised their children in a faith-filled environment, this revelation came as a shock. Dawn attributes her son’s naivety to being exposed to the wrong crowd after transitioning to public school.

Navigating the Unknown

Determined to help her son overcome his addiction, Dawn embarked on a journey of navigating treatment centers, facilities, and Christian faith-based programs. Thankfully, her son responded positively to the Lord’s intervention and began to make progress. However, their struggles were far from over.

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The Perfect Storm

Tragedy struck again when Dawn’s other son, already battling a chronic congenital birth defect, became addicted to pain pills after a major surgery. Coupled with mental health issues, the perfect storm of addiction engulfed him. Over the years, he has faced numerous challenges, including legal problems and mental health crises, leading to a deeper descent into addiction.

A Call to Ministry

Approximately eight or nine years ago, Dawn received a divine calling from the Lord to start a ministry. Initially resistant, she expressed her reluctance to focus on addiction. However, God had other plans. Gradually, Dawn’s heart began to resonate with the pain experienced by mothers going through similar heartbreak.

The Devastating Impact

Dawn’s conversation with the podcast host underscores the devastating impact of addiction on families. They discuss the initial shock of discovering their children’s addictions and the fear of feeling powerless against what seemed like a lifelong struggle. Their stories emphasize that addiction can affect even the most loving and faithful families, dispelling the misconception that good parenting is a safeguard against it.

From Pain to Purpose

Determined to find hope amid their anguish, Dawn and her family underwent a transformative journey. They refused to accept the conventional wisdom that addiction is an incurable disease. Instead, they turned to God’s Word as the ultimate authority and a source of unwavering hope. Recognizing that the same power that raised Christ from the dead resides within them, they engaged in spiritual warfare, standing firm in their faith.

Walking by Faith

Dawn’s turning point came when her husband reminded her that worrying would lead her to an early grave. This encounter led her to surrender her worries and fears to God and embrace trust in His sovereignty. To better understand addiction and strengthen her faith, Dawn delved into research, seeking a biblical perspective on the matter. She became convinced that addiction does not have to be a lifelong sentence and that the Holy Spirit has the power to set individuals free.

Empowering Others

Driven by her own experiences, Dawn now seeks to empower mothers and parents who are struggling with addiction within their families. She encourages them to relinquish their worries and trust in God’s plan. Through her ministry, Dawn provides tools and applications to help individuals let go and find solace in God’s strength. She emphasizes the power of collective prayer and the importance of uniting as warrior mothers.


Dawn’s remarkable journey from heartbreak to hope serves as an inspiration for families battling addiction. Her firsthand experiences with addiction within her own family have equipped her to guide and support others. The Faith to FlourIsh 


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