The Power of Prayer: Strengthening Your Soul and Overcoming Obstacles

Today we will discuss the importance of prayer with special guest Karen Moore. Karen, an experienced author with over 120 books to her name, shares insights from her new book, “Prayers to Strengthen Your Soul.” Together, they explore the beauty, privilege, and transformative power of prayer.

Understanding Prayer

Karen describes prayer as an exciting gift and a remarkable privilege. She emphasizes that prayer is a conversation with a close friend who has the ability to answer our prayers. Often, we fail to recognize the open invitation from God to approach Him with our concerns, anytime and anywhere. Prayer is a chance to pause, reflect on God’s greatness, and praise Him for His presence in our lives.

Today we want to dismiss the misconception that prayer must follow specific rules or be religious in nature. Instead, they highlight the joy of simply talking to God, unburdening our hearts and seeking His guidance.

Listen to the podcast episode here.


The PRAY Technique

Karen introduces her four-part technique called PRAY: Pause, Remember, Ask, and Yield. She explains how this approach helps her in various aspects of her life, including praying for her family and personal challenges. 

1. Pause: Taking a moment to clear our minds of distractions and recognize God’s greatness and personal nature.

2. Remember: Reflecting on past instances when God has answered prayers and believing that He will do so again.

3. Ask: Aligning our hearts with God’s and humbly presenting our concerns, regardless of their size.

4. Yield: Surrendering control to God and trusting in His plan, recognizing that He is always in control.

Overcoming Prayer Obstacles

Also, we want to address the obstacles that can hinder prayer. Karen points out that the enemy seeks to distract us from communicating with God. External noises, worries, and anxieties often intrude upon our prayer time. However, Karen encourages listeners to boldly reject these distractions and refocus on connecting with God.

Experiencing God’s Presence through Prayer

We emphasize that prayer should be a transformative experience. Laine mentions how prayer time with God leaves her changed, and Karen echoes the sentiment, encouraging believers to seek God’s presence and focus on His greatness. By immersing ourselves in prayer, we can diminish the size of our problems and witness God’s magnificence.

Accepting Answers to Prayer

Addressing the challenge of accepting answers to prayer, Karen acknowledges the disappointment that can arise when prayers are not answered as expected. She reminds listeners that God sees the bigger picture and knows what lies ahead. Sometimes, the answers we receive may not align with our desires, but God’s plan is always perfect. We are urged to trust in His wisdom and understand that our stories are still unfolding.


Prayer is a remarkable gift that allows us to connect with God, seek His guidance, and find solace in His presence. Through the PRAY technique, we can pause, remember God’s faithfulness, ask for His intervention, and yield to His plan. Despite obstacles and disappointments, prayer transforms our perspective, strengthens our souls, and enables us to experience the greatness of God.

So, let’s embrace prayer as a privilege, seek God’s presence wholeheartedly, and trust in His perfect answers. Remember, in the midst of life’s challenges, be still, and know that God is with you, ready to listen.

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