What to do when your dreams are shattered?

What do you do when a door closes? When your dreams die? Amy Joob went from triathlete to model, then to an author. Amy Joob shares how she was made “new” after her dreams crashed.

God sometimes allows things for a season, and then when a door shuts, another one opens. BUT in the transition, you grieve, and you feel lost. But God won’t leave you there!

God brings you to places where you never dreamed you could go!

Amy shares she had a troubled childhood and had to learn how to fight through it. She had to learn and survive in difficult times. She shares that struggles helped her know how to start over.

In 2009 Amy had a second baby with special needs and had many medical conditions – again, all of her dreams were put on hold while she took care of him and her other child. But she did finally write her book, Unstuck Step into the New: A 40 Day Prayer Journal. 

Amy shares in this Christian devotional how an intimate prayer life and Christian principles have helped her process and overcome her son’s rare genetic disorder diagnosis, financial challenges, and unexpected career path changes. She will encourage you to embrace the difficulties by pressing into God through praying, seeking support, and finding community. Amy will help you outline the steps to get unstuck and move forward into God’s destiny for your life. Amy likes to share personal stories and inspire her readers to find and fulfill their purpose. She believes “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”

How do we start over and start new? Here are a few steps that we can take to get unstuck and dream again:

  1. Know that God has a plan, He will never forget you, and that no matter how much the world may be shaking your world, God is right there with you!
  2. Seek God first and allow Him to show you the next right step because He will lead you.
  3. Wait on God His timing is perfect.
  4. Don’t give up on God because He won’t fail you.
  5. Let go of the old, surrender to God, and stay in God’s presence and in God’s word for your strength!

Keep moving forward and you will move closer to your destiny and your dreams!

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Guest: Amy Joob

Website: AmyJoob.com

Book:  Unstuck Step into the New: A 40 Day Prayer Journal

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