Hurts to Healing

5 Day Challenge

Ready to find more peace, freedom, and power to live your best life now? Join me for the FREE Hurts to Healing Challenge starting on January 18. Click here for your link to claim your exclusive access.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that no one gets through life without hurts. And far too many of us are not enjoying life because we are hurting from broken hearts and shattered dreams. Yet the great news is that I’ve found healing is indeed possible!

The FREE Hurts to Healing Challenge is your opportunity to get my proven process for finding freedom and enjoying your life today, no matter what is going on around you . . . and goodness knows we can all use support to do that right now!

And just in case we haven’t met yet, Hi! I’m Laine Lawson Craft, a best-selling author, speaker, and coach, and I help hurting women find emotional healing so that they can enjoy today and own tomorrow…  living whole, healed, and energized.

Their secret weapon?

They used the exact process I’m sharing with you in the 5-Day Hurts to Healing Challenge.

In this challenge, you’ll get the steps to:

Day 1: Uncover Wrong Thinking and Speak Life into New Beliefs
Day 2: Overcome Anger and Find Peace
Day 3:  Find Freedom in Forgiveness
Day 4: Reclaim Your Joy
Day 5: Build Rock Solid Hope with 3 Simple Strategies 

And a whole lot more!

About the Host

Hey, I’m Laine! 

I’m here to share God’s transforming power to help women just like you navigate life’s challenges with confidence. I want you to hold the power to live the life you love so you enjoy today and own tomorrow.

At some point, life has hurt you – and you weren’t sure how to recover, or if you ever would. Whether it was death, abuse, losing your job, fighting for your marriage, raising difficult children, or battling loneliness – all of us have experienced hurt in  some form. 

I’ve been there. I’ve been beaten down by life many times – and it felt like I would never recover. This is the place where I want to meet you, right now. I want you to know that I am here, with you and for you, reaching my hand out to help you get through your hurt.

Together, we can turn your hurts to healing and you can find power to live a life you LOVE.