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  • The Parent’s Battle Plan Virtual Event


    Follow these 3 easy steps to purchase your Parent’s Battle Plan Virtual Event Package today!

    Step 1: Purchase books to sell at your event.
    -You will need to order 60 books for every 100 people expected to attend your event from Baker Book House.
    -Use coupon code BATTLEPLAN at checkout to receive an exclusive 50% discount and free standard shipping to the contiguous United States on purchases of 60 books or more.
    -For tax-exempt status, create an account with Baker Book House here.

    **Before purchasing this event, you must make a purchase of books based on the size of your event from Baker Book House. Please note, when you sell 60 books at retail price, you’ve paid for this virtual PBP event.
    **Minimum investment is $1060. If you sell 60 books, you collect $1140 which more than covers your cost of $500 for the virtual PBP event. Additional book sales will provide you with additional profit.

    Step 2: Purchase your event package.
    Use the “Buy Now” button below to complete your event purchase.

    Step 3: Dowload & host your event!
    Host this impactful event and help the parents in your community win back their prodigals.