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  • The Parent’s Battle Plan

  • Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Journal


    Companion to the best-selling book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow. This journal includes over 260 pages guiding you to personalize your healing journey. It is designed for ten weeks, which represents the ten chapters in the book. You will be challenged to answer introspective questions, read over scriptures, pray, and reflect over the week’s discoveries and…

  • Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Best-Selling Book


    Broken, disappointed, lifeless? What if one second, one minute, or one hour could give you the power you needed to win at life every day, no matter what you were facing? How is that possible? Start by spending literally seconds each day chasing after God’s power. As you extend the process, you can find the…

  • Feeling God’s Presence Today


    Start your day with a sensory experience from God to you as you read “Feeling God’s Presence Today”. Laine’s desire is to bring an intimate, daily encounter to you through the living word of God that encourages a “sensory experience” from God to you. Laine’s interpretations and revelations are personal and transparent as she brings…

  • Start Again From Scratch


    When Steve and I got married 30 plus years ago, we never dreamed our first 17 years could become hell on earth. I never thought there would come a day when I would love to hate my husband. Here was the man I had vowed to love until the day one of us died, and…