Partnering with Parents of Prodigals

Join us on a journey that will help you win your child home and heal your family.

You are not alone. There is hope and healing for every hurting heart.

Today’s technology has made sinful experiences and deadly choices accessible to our teenagers and young adults with just a click. And parents are left with the disappointments–and devastating fallout–of their children’s choices.

Through sharing her own story of praying three very wayward prodigals home, Laine Lawson Craft offers not only hope and insight, but also a practical, tried-and-true battle plan for parents walking this heartbreaking season of life. You’ll discover how to:

· handle the emotional roller coaster of trust
· deal with your children’s self-destructive choices
· pray emboldened by God’s promises
· fight for your child’s destiny
· and more

You can win the war of darkness over your children–even when you don’t get the miracle you asked for.

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The Virtual Parent’s Battle Plan Event is Happening NOW!

Our Tried & True Battle Plan Shared with Your Community!

Laine Lawson Craft, best-selling award-winning author and speaker, and host of the Warfare Parenting Podcast, and Steve Craft, Sr. are the parents of three prodigal children who are now free, whole, and healed. We would love to share our tried and true battle plan with you and your community!

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