Our Hurts Can Be Healed Today.We can Live Lively free, healed and whole!

Hi, I'm Laine!

I am so grateful we have connected. I can help you discover the power to live the life you love as you learn how to navigate through life's hurts with confidence & hope! You will find encouragement & inspiration along with tools & applications so that you can Live Lively today!

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Find inspiration as Laine shares her powerful stories on how God healed her many hurts on television.

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Do know that you are making a difference to us women of faith. Do know that we recognize your calling does not come without it’s challenges, hurts, ups or downs and disappointments. But praise be to our God! Thank you for being a blessing to us. You’re such an inspiration!!


Your message could not have reached me at a better time.  My life has been completely turned upside down. I am filled with worry, anxiety, fear, guilt. You name it I feel it. I intend to function just as you shared to us. You are a blessing to me. Please keep me in your prayers.


Wow!  this weekly devo was really really good Laine…what mostly touched my heart was the transparency of your sharing and being forthright honest and real about hearing from GOD and practical examples….uh…SO inspiring and refreshing…


I loved your devotional email. Well written and very real! Be encouraged that as the Father gave you the inspiration to write it, He also gave you the grace to become it. You are humble. He has empowered you to succeed. His words so far more than just inform us; they transform us. When He speaks about a topic, His nature is part of the word and it’s given for free for us to become more like Him. God bless you my friend! Thank you for being such a blessing to so many!!!!


Keep up the good work with your inspiring messages.  This message speaks so loudly to us and reminds us to go to our inner space, close our eyes and speak and LISTEN to God speaking to us.  Thanks for your prayers for our country. God bless America! God bless you and your ministry. Love and Prayers.

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None of us gets through life without hurt.

Right here is where you will hear real-life women share conversations and tips on how we can overcome hurts and find healing from struggles so that we can live free, whole, and healed! You will be so encouraged and find inspiration in every episode.

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