The Parent’s Battle Plan Virtual Event


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**Before purchasing this event, you must make a purchase of books based on the size of your event from Baker Book House. Please note, when you sell 60 books at retail price, you’ve paid for this virtual PBP event.
**Minimum investment is $1060. If you sell 60 books, you collect $1140 which more than covers your cost of $500 for the virtual PBP event. Additional book sales will provide you with additional profit.

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Host this impactful event and help the parents in your community win back their prodigals.



A 2-Minute Overview on Hosting This Event!

You can be a host of the virtual Parent’s Battle Plan Family Event. This is a life-changing done-for-you virtual one-night event that brings the hurting parents of prodigals together. Steve and Laine will share the three warfare strategies that will

  • educate by sharing that we are not at war with our wayward children but we are in this war together against the enemy of the world.
  • equip them by teaching them how to pray for our defiant children because if we aren’t praying for them then who is?
  • empower by partnering with God and then joining others in the battle.

We are winning our prodigals back home through the warfare parenting small groups that you will be able to offer with your ongoing support, in a small group after the event for continuing support for parents in the battle so that they all can have a community and Godly support.

The Parent’s Battle Plan Family Event altogether in a virtual box ready for you to order today and start hosting March 2023.

Order Your Event Package Today!

The event package includes the following:

  • Keynote Video: 3 Key Strategies that Help Parents Win Prodigals Back Home – delivered by best-selling and award-winning author, Laine Lawson Craft, along with her husband, Steve Craft, Sr.
  • 3 life-changing personal testimonies shared by Laine & Steve’s three young adult children
  • Exclusive discounts towards your book purchases
  • Fully designed marketing kit including social media graphics, event fliers, and more
  • Ready-to-publish press release
  • And more!

The PBP Family Event serves the parents of your organization and extends an invitation to your local community for struggling parents.

Additionally, you can have a small group option that offers support to struggling parents to build a weekly or monthly gathering, called Warfare Parenting Small Groups.

No matter how you host your event, you have everything you need for this life-transforming and family-healing event!


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Number of Attendees

1-100 (60 books), 100-200 (120 books), 200-300 (180 books), 300+ (180+ books)